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Rental Licensing & Registration

Baltimore City now requires ALL residential rental units to be registered, inspected, and licensed to ensure that they meet basic safety and maintenance requirements. Previously one- and two-family dwellings were not required to be inspected and licensed to operate as a rental. On August 1, 2018, a new law took effect requiring all Baltimore City rental properties, including one- and two-family and multi-family dwellings, to be licensed to operate as a rental by January 1, 2019. Registration is required whether or not the property is a rental, whether or not it is occupied, unoccupied, vacant, and whether or not it is generating income.

All non-owner-occupied properties in Baltimore City that are rental properties must be licensed to operate as a rental, in addition to being registered. To obtain a rental license, the property must meet the following requirements:

  1. Complete the property registration and include the owner’s current contact information;
  2. Submit a passing 3rd party inspection report(s) performed by a State licensed inspector who is registered with Baltimore City or a passing Section 8 inspection report(s) for each unit. For multi-family dwellings, please refer to the MFD chart for the required number of units that need to be inspected;
  3. Submit current lead certification information for each unit in the property;
  4. Pay all registration fees due, and;
  5. Have no open code violation(s).

The inspector will be looking for basic life, health, and safety items to insure the property is up to code and safe for the occupants and neighboring residents, including but not limited to electrical, plumbing, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, interior and exterior sanitary conditions, utilities, and lead paint.  We recommend that you review the inspection form to understand the requirements and make any necessary repairs prior to the inspection.

Falling to have Rental property Registered and Licensed could result in a $1000 fine to the property owner and suspension, revocation or denial of rental license. 

Lucky for you we have professionals ready to assist you in every step of the process to assure you property is registered, inspected, lead tested and legally approved for renting. If we can be of service to assist it will be our pleasure.