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Property Management Consultation: Excellence in Managing Your Properties!

At Living Legacy Property Management LLC., we understand that managing properties can be a complex and time-consuming task. That’s why we offer comprehensive property management services designed to alleviate the burden and ensure the smooth operation of your real estate investments.

Why Choose Our Property Management Services

Trust us to handle the complexities of property management


Our efficient maintenance processes ensure that issues are addressed promptly, preserving the value of your properties and keeping tenants satisfied.

Financial Transparency

We provide transparent financial management, including regular reports, to keep you informed of your property's financial performance.

Tenant Retention

Our focus on tenant satisfaction helps promote long-term tenant retention, minimizing vacancies and maximizing your rental income.

Our Property Management Approach

  • Rental Marketing and Advertising

We leverage our extensive network and targeted marketing strategies to attract qualified tenants for your properties. From professional property listings to online platforms and local advertising, we ensure maximum exposure to reach potential renters efficiently.


  • Tenant Screening and Selection

Our rigorous tenant screening process ensures that we find reliable and responsible tenants for your properties. We perform comprehensive background checks, including credit history, employment verification, and rental references, to select tenants who meet our stringent criteria.

  • Rent Collection and Financial Management

We take care of rent collection, making it easy and convenient for tenants to pay their rent on time. Our team also manages property-related financials, including expense tracking, budgeting, and generating financial reports for your records.


  • Legal Compliance

Our property management services adhere to all relevant laws, regulations, and rental property requirements. We stay up to date with changing legislation to protect your interests and ensure your properties are in compliance with local regulations.

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